Institution accredited by the Ministry of education of Czech Republic (MŠMT)



“If you want to know yourself, look into the world around. If you want to know the world, have o look into your own depth...”


Akademie Alternativa s.r.o. is an institution accredited by the Ministry of education. The study is designed for everyone who is interested in, who has more than 18 years and has done successfully leaving examination on a high school (maturita). Furthermore - for special educators and psychologist - we offer accreditation of studies that are acknowledged by MSMT as an intensifying of a professional qualification. In the offer of three year and five year weekend study you will find specialized fields: music therapy, art therapy, drama therapy, dance therapy, holistic personal growth, but alsoprogramme therapeutic studies, which is drafted as a complex study of artistic therapies. Lectures are held mostly during weekends, in a form of group meetings, respecting an individual approach to everyone. Importance is given to experience, self-experience techniques and practical skills, which are based on theoretical foundations and examples from the clinical practice. A part of the study is an intensive self-experience training. Lectors are eminent experts from inland and abroad, therapists, psychologists and physicians. 



Graduated student will obtain a Certificate/ Diploma of Akademie Alternativa with an accreditation of participating subjects according to the selected study field, specialization and previous education (MSMT, Czech music association – Society for music therapy – CHS SPHT, MAUT – International association of artistic therapies ( – member of European music therapy confederation). Graduated student is equipped by theoretical knowledge, therapeutic skills and also practical experience for the work of therapist according to the selected field in the educational, psychological, medical and social area and in helping professions. Lectures of all studies are held in training centre in Olomouc. Entrance exams for all applicants takes place in Olomouc. Condition of assumption into study is regularly completed application form (here) and successfully done entrance exam (conditions of the assumption). Akademie Alternativa arranges also weekend or week long seminars for both professional and non-professional public. 


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